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Indigenous Commitment

Indigenous Commitment

Eagle Analytics Canada (a subsidiary of ERG Energy Services Ltd.) believes Indigenous Peoples and their communities are important partners.
Indigenous Peoples are vital members of our management team and employee workforce, including our drone pilots.
We jointly seek opportunities to work with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples for mutual benefit.

Eagle Analytics Canada has productive working relationships – including for unique Beyond-Line-Of-Sight projects – with Indigenous Peoples, their businesses and their communities across Canada. This includes the First Nations of Treaty 7 in Alberta and Indigenous communities in unceded Aboriginal territories in British Columbia. We ensure that these relationships are founded in cooperation and trust, and provide economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and their businesses and organizations.

Eagle Analytics Canada builds meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples based on honesty, integrity and respect. We contribute to reconciliation by recognizing Aboriginal and treaty rights, the contribution to Canada of diverse Indigenous cultures and traditions, and the value of Indigenous traditional knowledge. We are committed to transparent communication, effective consultation, and long-term collaboration with all Indigenous Peoples and their communities.

-Stephen Gaspard – Director of Indigenous Affairs, Eagle Analytics Canada

-Tim Kemp – President & CEO of Eagle Analytics Canada and CEO of ERG Energy Services Ltd.